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What to do with purposely misplaced good waypoint you found elsewhere ?

This question is bugging me.

I'm talking about the case where the original waypoint is far away enough to be on another street, or the far side of town, even the next one, with no visible duplicate.

There seems to be 3 options :

A) Location Accuracy rating : rating less star, the further away the waypoint is, even using 1* but not rejecting the proposal.

B) Suggest a new location : setting the pin on the exact place the photo was taken, thus replacing correctly the waypoint.

C) Rejecting the proposal for "Place / Mismatched Location" : As you found evidence elsewhere of the waypoint, it sure is misplaced.

+ Reporting Abuse : optional solution that can be used on top of that, especially if the original place is far from the proposal.

What is the best course of action ?

I'd like someone from Niantic to answer this one, or someone to point me to the relevent official rule.

I generally don't use A), because i feel it should be use for proposal that are close to reality.

I'd like to know which is better for everyone. I've read in one subject that Wayfarer algorythm could replace the waypoint properly, but is one person setting the pin correctly enough ?

So B) or C) ?

To illustrate this question, here is a perfect example :

Waypoint proposal : ping-pong en belliard

This is the proposed picture of the waypoint :

And supporting picture :

This is the place where the waypoint was placed:

Wayfarer :

Observing the pictures shows a tennis court in the background and the fact those ping-pong tables are placed in a camping area, because of the mobile home in the second picture.

The real place the pictures were taken :

Real place :

There is a 700m straight distance between the two place, and about a 1km ride.

I replaced the pin at the right coordinate, and rated the rest accordingly. Was i right ?


  • Zoombie3000-PGOZoombie3000-PGO Posts: 52 ✭✭

    For that one I would go with C...

    Never used A...

    I only use B when they were slightly moved to get into another cell, like there is something in the park but the waypoint was put on the edge with the street, just to bounce it to a different S2 Cell...

  • Zoombie3000-PGOZoombie3000-PGO Posts: 52 ✭✭

    The proposed locations seems to be a private residency... so it looks like someone just took a picture elsewhere and want a PoI in their backyard... so that would also be another reason for rejecting it...

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,313 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If a POI is submitted 700m from the real location, thats not due to GPS drift or problems placing the pin when you are at the POI, that is a deliberate attempt to get a "fake" portal in the wrong location, probably as an attempt to get a Couch Portal or similar. Niantic have said this is not acceptable. Report it as "Abuse".

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