No in-game map (yet) - New Neighborhood

I recently joined Wayfarer and I would like to receive some feedback on this. I am aware that the main part of my question does not really apply to the reviewing procedure per se, but I am not sure where else to ask this. Therefore:

I have nominated a Wayspot in a new neighborhood close to where I frequently play (and many of the people I play with live). Recently, at least part of the map appeared on google maps (and street view), but there is no in-game map (yet). Do you know how this may affect the reviews, acceptance and whether it would become a portal or a stop?

Also, since I'm new to this, I would really appreciate some feedback on my nomination.

Thank you!


Knuffeldieren = Stuffed animals (but would literally translate as cuddle animals)

Twee aaistenen in de vorm van een haas en een beer. = Two cuddly stones in the shape of a hare and a bear.


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