Bridge - retry or give up?

Hi everyone,

This isn't my greatest nomination, and I wondered if it was worth resubmitting or if I should just give up on it? If I should try again what can I change?

It's in gardens/semi-woodland (open to the public) so it's difficult to get a good picture showing pedestrian access over the bridge in the main photo or at least linking the main photo to the supporting photo. This also means it's not visible on street view and hard to **** on the satellite image.

I don't know of a name for the trail around the gardens, unless you count it being named after the gardens, which will probably count against the nomination. I thought it would still be eligible as being important for exploration and promoting exercise.

Thanks for any tips.


  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 838 ✭✭✭✭✭

    wow. it doesn't look like a bridge from the trail, and a footbridge has to be expected to be used as part of a trail to be eligible, so that is going to make this beautiful old bridge hard to get through. i think your photos are about the best you could do for that to show it is a bridge and is part of a trail.

    wherever you got the date of 1815 from, if there is a link to information about the footbridge somewhere, add that link in the supporting information.

    you can use the google street view app to create a photosphere to place on the map if you want to try to submit it again.

  • WuCube-INGWuCube-ING Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

    I love the bridge because it's quite a feature when walking the paths in these gardens, and to fully walk around you have to go both under and over the bridge, but I always knew it would be hard to get that across. I know the eligibility criteria around bridges has changed slightly with the recent AMA so I might give it another go.

    I got the date from a couple of sources found online - they were part of the reason I didn't call it Downton Moot Footbridge as I thought people might click on the title and get more details than I could put into the supplemental information box.

    I've never created a photosphere before so may give that a go, and if I do resubmit I'll add a URL into the supporting info box as you suggest.

  • FrealafGB-PGOFrealafGB-PGO Posts: 354 ✭✭✭✭

    I think it should be eligible. But people really don't like footbridges in some areas... If you struggle too much with the footbridge aspect, you could try nominating it as an arch under unique architecture /historical value.

    Include the dates and information maybe on the style or stones used and maybe that will get it through? You can also mention that it forms part of the trail by acting as a footbridge for the trail crossing the top. It looks like a trail goes underneath too, hence my arch suggestion...

    I wonder if the temporary barriers are putting reviewers off (they shouldn't)...? But possibly... So you could take the main picture zoomed in on the arch to cut most of the barrier out of the main picture, and leave the supporting picture as is (I think it's a good way to show the trail).

    I definitely think it should be a waypoint however you manage to submit it... Good luck

  • Sugarstarzkill-PGOSugarstarzkill-PGO Posts: 437 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I actually really like this. It's far more interesting/cool/unique than most footbridges I see! But everyone is right that since it is not a part of a "named" trail, acceptance will be tricky.

    If it were me, I'd focus on the history and uniqueness of it. If you can craft an interesting description about its history, I'd pass it if I were reviewing it. One thing I like to do with any historic nominations I have is put the year it was built right in the title, at the end in parentheses. My hope has been that this draws people's attention right away to the fact that it was nominated for its history. I've had good luck using this tactic.

    In support, state it is being nominated for its history and unique architecture. THEN also add that it is a part of a public garden area, promotes exercise and exploration, and it's a cool feature for people to discover. The barriers are temporary, for safety (and help connect both photos). Throw the whole kitchen sink at them 😂

    I think you did the right thing with your photos.

    If you resubmit (I hope you do!) Good luck, and let us know if it went through.

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