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I live in an area teeming with history since I'm in of the oldest parts of the United States. A city next to, and relatively close, to me has been working on a project to show light on some old history of the place. A long time ago the City it self was two towns, and when they merged, roughly 95 years ago, instead of avoiding some duplicate names ( Names of Presidents, etc) they opted to just number the streets. This is a somewhat hidden history but the the government of the town began on embarking on a project to create plaques with the original names and pave them in their corresponding location along with the current name. I have submitted a few, and out of 5 , 2 were passed while others where failed, mostly due to it not reflecting in Google Street View since these changes where done this year and the GSV is from last year. Any tips on Improving the quality of my submission?

Here is the Location of the image below.,-74.0372722,3a,60y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srEZjQpPf65OJejOFfQQR2g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en


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    it looks like this is in the sidewalk? you will need to take a good supporting photo that show the plaque in place with features that people can match up to what is currently on street view. i don't know how much help one would be since these are ground level, but you could use the google street view app to place a photosphere. in the supporting information, you will need to include a link to the project because street signs are specifically referenced in help as not eligible, if that is all people think this is.

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    Thank you so much for your feed back!

    The reason why I think this would be a good way spot because this Plaque it self is not a street sign, as a standar one is next to it, instead is just showing the name that was used along with the new name. The City's symbol can also be seen on the right to prove it's authenticity and I have reflected it in the supporting picture as seen below.


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    Anecdote; I almost backed off from the thread thinking "oh, a street sign with no additional information" after seeing the main photo. That's the reaction you want to avoid.

    The support photo does show what kind of nomination it actually is, but not so tightly cropped main photo could help?

    What kind of title did you use? The best I could think of was "Former Hoboken Street memorial engraving". Hopefully something better. ;)

    Good luck, these are the kind of POIs I love to see when visiting new places. Especially the ones with proper descriptions.

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    I think this should be eligible as well. What did you use for the description and support? Be sure to really play up the history aspect, include some interesting information about the street if possible, and fully explain the project in the support info.

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