Me + my friend in the cause...

My friend Wayfinder(I don't know if he can speak the name/nickname the player or person) made a proposal and it was accepted, I need help on my request for proposal.

Wayfinder Proposal (Accepted) First Order:

Name: Arte urbana pintura da primavera

Description: Pintura feita por artista locais. localizado na praça de lagoa dantas perto da igreja católica.:)

Support photo:

He did not enter the Niantic games or Ingress Prime, I placed my second order(but I tried).

(Declined) Second request:

Name: Arte Urbana primavera

Description: Em homenagem á primavera, pintaram as flores.

Support photo:

I will take advantage now and send the Street View photo and the location coordinates.

Wayspot Coord:-21.091919,-40.844857

Support photo by Google Street View:

What is the difference between them and why it was not accepted... I hope you Wayfinders understand me because I am Brazilian and I am using Google Translate to translate hahaha.


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    As you're nominating the mural, it will help some if you can center your picture on that mural without having so much extra clutter. Yes, that might mean taking the photo in landscape. The benches are taking up quite a bit of space in the foreground, and some reviewers are certainly lowering their scores based on that alone. "Usually" that's not enough for a proposal to be rejected, but it definitely never helps.

    And in your supplementary photo, I cannot see your mural. This second picture isn't just supposed to show things that are near the proposal, but is supposed to show the POI and things that are nearby, so that reviewers can make a better judgement as to how it is placed relative to those objects. In that case, THAT is when having a good view of the mural AND the benches (or church) all together in one shot helps.

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    He must be meaning that his friend made a request and was accepted, but he was not added to the games because of the Catholic Church Santa Rita de Cássia, so it can be said that Niantic needs to know this, he must have moved the Church Catholic and was accepted, this publisher (Kduado8) made his request and was not accepted ... look at the disaster in ... it could be the eighth portal, the first art in the region, I have been there on trips with my parents and I always saw the negative side of Niantic games, mainly Pokémon Go and Ingress Prime (agents and trainers) that there were several problems such as poképaradas and portals within the same cell and close to more than 20 meters, she NEEDS to see these places if not this will only worsen more and more ... but coming back, I would like to make a video proving the existence of a waspot (it would be something very well defined) as the references when viewing through Google Street View

    I live far away, about 400 km from the neighborhood, so it will be difficult to find this request.

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    @oscarc1-ING Thanks your idea Wayfinder, photosphare or Photo 360°.

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