My Wayspot was rejected. Please explain why

Ok not sure if this is a geographic opportunity or what. I submitted a pic of a baseball field ordinance sign and it was rejected due to low quality photo. I want to ensure that others aren’t just button mashing 1 star ratings on everything. You can clearly see this unless someone has never played sports or athletically challenged. You can clearly see that this sign is located on the baseball field and the other pic is of the angle. I’m going to need someone from Niantic to explain this. This was rejected due to low quality photo. You can clearly see the baseball field grid.


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    My guess would be that it’s because you can’t see or read what’s in the notice board. As well as there being a lot of unnecessary things shown in the background of the first photo.

    Also without knowing what you have called this and the description you put it’s hard to tell if the photo would match up to what you are submitting it for. In addition if information was removed due to Covid then you should probably also say so in your supporting information so that people don’t think this isn’t used anymore.

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    Niantic doesn't approve or reject wayspots, the community does. If you called this an "ordinance sign" then I would have rejected it for the title. It looks like an information board to me. I don't see any laws posted here.

    I would have accepted this with a title indicating it is an information board, but I could see how reviewers might mark it a low quality photo since it is not possible to read the information posted in the case. The slight blur to both photos make it look like the photos were taken from a car, which also gets a low quality picture rating. But sometimes the reason you are given in the rejection email isn't the actual reason for the rejection.

    If you take new photos and resubmit, be careful with the reflection off the glass. I have rejected several where people did not realize their face was reflected in the nomination photo.

    Not sure what you meant by "geographic opportunity" so I can't address that.

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    Ok gotcha! I’ll resubmit. This was helpful

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    Reviewing both comments above make absolutely no sense to me. There is no rule that says you much read every since word on the board. This is just apples and oranges and semantics to rationalize a dumb rejection. Zooming in clearly this is a baseball field in a park. Are you saying the Park is going to remove their own items? One of the reasons you shouldn't allow people not familiar with an area to make these decisions.

    Regarding other items in the photo, do you want the submitter to pick up the house and the trash can and remove them. How else would you expect them to take this photo?

    Also, what blurr are you referencing as the car is only in the 2nd photo. I believe you just made that up as clearly this is the camera hitting the glass of the board. Clearly the 2nd photo is taken at an angle as I can see the car is barely in the photo at a side angle.

    Also, there is an additional comments section where you can make those types of comments if you would want the name to be different. This is the reason we receive reviews requesting just for the name confirmation.

    To make this person resubmit again because of your personal preference is the reason no one likes this process. If someone rejected your stop for this reason (i.e. I want the name to be difference) is crazy to me.

    Some of you'll need focus on is it an eligible or ineligible stop own. When you allow human judgment in any process, this is why we build robots because you'll just don't get it. Low quality photo, what a joke.

    I don't get it, clearly this is functional board and you can't determine it's use unless you live or work there.

    Bad review!!!!!!!!

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    @Chillwil52-PGO we are just providing feedback and suggestions that could help in getting this nomination accepted as it’s already been rejected once.

    @Erinw909-PGO on a second analysis it’s seems you were nominating the sign above the notice board? If so you may have to provide a clearer photo of what is written there. Otherwise I feel you would have much better success nominating the notice board instead.

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    @Chillwil52-PGO Being rude towards people that are trying to be helpful does not make much sense. The commenters here did not personally reject this submission. The best we can do is make educated guesses about why something was rejected (and many people have had nominations accepted after getting some advice here).

    The reason people want to see the board up close is because every object that looks like this isn't necessarily eligible. The boards that just have advertisements for local businesses are not typically good submissions. The info boards that have information about community events and such ARE often good submissions.

    Calling it an "ordinance sign" was likely a big factor in it getting rejected. An ordinance sign is not usually eligible. Notice boards are. That title doesn't match the nomination and that IS a valid rejection reason. I'm not sure what you mean about a comments section for changing the title- I'm guessing you mean edits? That's what we review and reviewers can't do that during review. Someone has to physically go to the POI and submit an edit request once it gets approved.

    Getting a better picture is also great advice. 1. So people can read what is actually there and 2. If you get closer, you won't see so much unnecessary background (the the house and trash can).

    The only comment about reflection was just a heads up to make sure the submitter looks out for that problem when they do resubmit. No one said it was an issue in this picture. I have also accidentally got myself in a reflection once and it was a wasted submission.

    People are generally trying to be helpful in these forums. Lashing out at people like that is really uncalled for.

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