Fake Wayspot got through Abusive Wayfarer Reviewers

Title of the Wayspot: Padré Pio Grtto

Location: 14.016575, 121.310778

City: Santa Maria

Country: PhiIippines, The

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: None

Intel Link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=14.012374,121.310768&z=15

Photos to support your claim:

A screenshot from a Wayfarer abuser

A screenshot from Ingress Intel Map, showing how manipulative this user can get. Even though it seems legitimate, the location itself is in private property. His reason was mainly because he can't go out due to COVID-19, it is in his desperate move to submit this figurine multiple times in Wayfarer. Somehow, this is his personal Pokestop now.

This wayspot is located inside a private property, you can see it's not accessible to the public. Going here would qualify as trespassing by local laws.

Additional information:

translation: "Thank you very much!!"

One of the first attempts. Just look at the supporting info.



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