Nomination rejected, help.


The signboard that promotes neighbourhood safety. It contains the neighbourhood map and the Police contact number.

Location: 2.245353, 102.275465

Supplemental Information:

1)safe to access. 2) this have education value which promotes neighbourhood safety. 3) it includes a map that can guide tourists on how to travel in this area, including playground, field, wet market etc.. 4) it is unique (only ONE exist) and huge, can be identified easily. According to Niantic helpshift, "Signboards with educational information" is eligible nomination. 5.) Existed for years, not temporary decoration (even though google street photo is captured in June 2019), well maintenance by the government as you can see the printing is still clean and clear.

Rejected reason:

1.) Nomination does not appear to be permanent or appears to be a seasonal display that is only put up during certain times of the year.

Question: So, this kind of signboard is not valid because it is using cheap design? Do I need to get official statement to proof that it will last forever there? anything can be removed regardless of the built material.

2.) Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria.

Question: Why?

3.) The real-world location of the nomination could not be confirmed to have an acceptable pedestrian pathway leading up to it.

Question: Is my photo not clear enough? tons of POI at the road side, at least this share the field with playground?


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