German Fakers Black List - the easy and obvious examples

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Dear Niantic Team, @NianticCasey-ING

the following list was originally created by a group of active wayfarers spending lots of hours to collect all the information. So our social media groups have an black list of roughly 60 towns, where lots of fake submissions appear. This list should already been brought to your attention by an Ingress Vanguard, but we didn't get any answer nor we saw any actions based on that. So I will create a comment for evry village here with intel link examples of the fakes there, and further information as far as I can give.

Due to the fact, that Germany has only barely Streetview available, there are special objects, that are very common used fakes, because they don't appear in satellite views: for example painted utility boxes, wayside crosses or educational trails under trees.

So please have a look at the pictures, check the metadata and/or make an signal/noise-analysis or do an inverse google image search and a check, whether the pictures are stolen from your database. Lots of the "art" fakes are simply photoshopped or they are stolen 3rd party pictures.

Further some of the intel links down below are only examples of that place. Please check the surroundings for similar objects. Fake painted utility boxes are often gregarious animals ..... but our list would be way to large than.

We hope that your team also takes actions against the massive fake wayspot creating accounts. In a few cases we figured them out. So please be harsh to them. In a few cases we have also proofs from social media, where the people swagger with their fakes - as far as I think it's legally I will post blackened screenshots of the conversations.

If you need further proof for specific examples, please ask for them. I am only the guy who was willing to post this here and it's way to much, that I can't have an extensive overview about all examples, but I'm in contact with those, who created this list and can tell you more about specific examples, if needed. So please ask, whether there are questions. We don't want to hear any simple "Appeal Denied"-copy/paste-statement here 😉

I will create a single comment for evry mentioned fake town under this initial post.

(could take a few days, until evrything is in here)

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