Remove the picture that is not the actual submission

Title of the Wayspot: Saksalanraitti 3 Leikkipaikka

Location: [Lat/Long]

City: Mikkeli

Country: Finland

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: All three pictures of the portal are mine, BUT one of them was added incorrectly. Long time ago I submitted another playground (that you can see on the picture attached) and it got marked as a duplicate of the "Saksalanraitti 3 Leikkipaikka", which IS NOT. It's a different playground, on the other side of the building, separated by a fence. And now one player who used his multiple accounts placed 10 likes on the incorrect picture (the one on the attached file) out of spite to probably remove or replace the portal, as he did it to many other players in my town. So, please, I'd be extremely grateful if you could remove the incorrect picture. (Two others are correct, taken from the same perspective but on the different season). Thank you in advance a thousand times. Sincerely yours, Oeuvree.


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