Swimming Pools and other ineligible waypoints are are still being nominated and accepted despite Nia



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    Si es una piscina municipal como donde vivo yo está puesto el edificio

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    To your point this is the specific AMA line from November.

    With the criteria refresh, how has that change affected how reviewers should consider swimming pools? 

    • Similar to before the criteria refresh, swimming pools at private residences or hotels (or other similar residentially-focused locations) are ineligible. Other than that, pools would be a great place to meet and that encourages exercise and should be considered eligible. This includes public pools, pools or training complexes with historical context, reflecting pools, fountains, aquatic centers and cooldown centers, university pools, sport arenas/complexes and more.

    Grog rule of thumb; Public pool good, private pool bad.

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    What qualifies as private? I have had the debate with my HOA about my condo pool many times. They keep telling me the pool is public, not private which is why they cannot do certain things to it. Them specifically saying they’re in charge of it, but they don’t own it although on the land.* The gate around the pool is required by law for safety, not necessarily to keep people out.

    The apartment next door with gates and security with a stop for a dog park, and play ground all on private land. The neighborhood a little ways away, also private land also has a stop for something they call a play ground, but it literally a metal art structure.

    I’m just trying to get a stop in my small complex (pool area) because myself and other families play there. If you go outside the complex there is a very busy road with a YMCA a ways down. Very unsafe to take children, or for them to go alone. Our complex doesn’t have large sign, or anything significant other than the pool in which there would be a stop.

    * There are certain situations where people don’t own land but have the rights to take care of something. For example if it is on a coast line of a lake, and it’s also a flood zone.

    Thank you

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    Better start rejecting beaches I guess and that big swimming pool called the sea. Because everyone is wearing a swimsuit or budgie smuggerlers and you can't possibly have your phone out to play a game because you could use it as an excuse to take pictures. You can of course upload all your pictures to social media of your day at the beach or your holiday because no one has ever done that. Why should we have to change our behaviour just because of a minority of people who are wiredos. They tell us to nominate things that encourage exercise and socialing. Swimming is exercise. What has historical or cultural significance or an Olympic swimmer training at a pool got to do with anything? If there was a plaque celebrating an Olympic swimmer training at the said pool this for me would be a separate nomination to the pool itself and so would have two potential waypoints. The plaque and the pool. I've had sports centres rejected because of this rubbish opake rule because it said swimming pool on the sign. 🤦‍♂️

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    How did this post from 2020 get pulled up? There is currently no statement on the Wayfarer help menu pertaining to pools, and we are instructed to use our best judgement to review.

    Niantic defines "private property" in the tool tip on the review question as "A single family private residential property (even if historical), farmland, etc."

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    Because a new user found it in the search bar when looking for a answer to their question, which I applaud. That search bar is very helpful, and I go to it first when I have a question, before starting a brand new discussion.

    Wayfarer has changed criteria on pools at apartment/condo neighborhoods, as well as gated communities. They are not considered private property, which Niantic defines as a single family property, and are eligible, as they can be used by all that live in said community, as well as their guests.

    @S1111RRAH-PGO I don't think you will have an issue with getting the pool you nominated accepted, especially as you noted that the gated apartment nearby has existing Wayspots for their dog park and playground. If the community does reject it, or the AI for some odd reason, it's always best to provide as much information as possible, such as the name of the complex in the title (an example would be "Meadow Grove Community Pool" if the pool is a part of the Meadow Grove complex/neighborhood, to be generic), a good supporting photo showing the surrounding complex, as well as a description that notes that it's a great place for the community to socialize and/or exercise, which I thumbs up both for these types of nominations.

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