Nomination not accepted due to outdated Google Maps verification

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Months ago I submitted a nomination for review and today I saw that it was rejected because the picture and location of the pokestop does not reflect real-world location based on comparison of the submitted photo and map views. The area used to be an industrial area but already since 2 years ago is a residential area and still blocks are being built. When you do the check with Google Maps the satellite picture is from 5 years ago and not now. I live in the area for more than a year. Is very lively and even has a school across the block where the nomination was submitted. As a trainer is the idea to promote also an area to attract people to search for new neighborhoods and Holland Park is one of them. Even one pokestop will help with promoting the area. I object to the reason that my nomination was rejected especially when is not true. Even Pokemon go is outdated when it comes to show how many new house blocks are available right now on the map. Check hollandpark website at diemen.

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    First, this is the photo appeal forum. This forum is used to appeal rejection of photo edits and to request removal of photos from existing wayspots. If you want feedback on why your nomination was rejected, you should be posting in the Nomination Improvement forum, and when you do, you need to include your entire nomination (title, description, supporting information, and both photos). But from what I can tell, your nomination was rejected for two reasons: "couldn't verify location" and "doesn't meet criteria." If your nomination was that car/pedestrian bridge in the third and fifth screenshots in your post, it was probably a correct rejection, as it doesn't appear to meet any criteria for acceptance. But again, to give accurate feedback, you would need to post your entire nomination, preferably in the correct forum.

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    Invalid Appeal - Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. We're not currently reviewing POI submissions through this appeal platform. Feel free to discuss your nomination with other players in our Community. For more information and updates on this issue, please feel free to check out this link:

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