ABUSIVE REVIEWERS - Tagging every nomination I try as ABUSE

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Hello there, first a little of context. I live in a condominium where many kids and teens play Pokemon, not of them are hardcore, some are getting close to lv35-40 but still I'm the only Lv40/L10 player here, in these difficult LOCKDOWN times I've submitted many POI here in my condo. Some are easy 5* that get rejected very often and some are just hard to see, since no SV available, I did some photo-spheres to help, but they still get rejected. So based on all of that, is fairly easy to say that anyone that gets my submissions would know it is me, trying to get more POI, even more cuz I don't belong a group as many do in my City and they work together to approve their and reject from others, whose not belong to the GROUP.

Getting rejected is a thing we all know it, getting wrong reasons are also a problem we all get some, but this time they are clearly trying to ban me. I've got banned from reviewing since I tried to edit many POI in my area and close, almost 50% of them were placed wrongly just to appear in the Pokemon map (yea we know, cell rule, huh), I tried to fix them and asking for help in the description, I know it is wrong and is capable of ban, I don't blame them, only me.

Anyway, I fear getting perma ban, there are no reason to report my POI as abuse, I'm following every rule, criteria and guideline to submit, take a peak of some of them (they were translated in the end):

Title of the Wayspot: Coreto Florido

Location: -20.184317, -40.252379 

City: Serra

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: there will be more POI down below.

Additional information: I already did in the beginning, you will understand in the following list.


Title of the Wayspot: Placa Informatica - Centro Comunitario

Location: -20.184814, -40.254624

City: Serra

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: Yea, there's more. Scroll down.

Additional information: I do believe is the same reason as I settled in the firsts lines of this thread.


Title of the Wayspot: Mesas de Jogos

Location: -20.184390, -40.254161 

City: Serra

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: There's more to come... This is a pretty good candidate...

Additional information: Can someone from Niantic please take any actions please? They will keep doing that more and more if none is done.


Title of the Wayspot: Campinho de Mini-Golf

Location: -20.184184, -40.253833

City: Serra

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: Still the same reasons, tagging as ABUSE when it's clearly not the case. I would be good with Does not accept criteria or bad photo, or overall 1*, but this...

Additional information: To add some concern, I'm not sure if this is a problem in my area but POI inside condos and apartment complexes tend to not be accepted at and tagged as private residence/private property.


Feel free to reply here anytime, I would love to discuss this as well.

If you guys want to see the pic of the submissions I will copy paste the links here too. I can't give further information about the requests since I don't have access to Wayfarer anymore cuz of 30days ban.

Flowerly Stand:

Helping Plaque - Center:

Table for Games:

Mini Golf Corse:

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    Unfortunately all 4 are poor candidates that would normally get rejected anyway.

    Depending on how many times you have re submitted them, people could be reporting them as abuse for seeing the same poor candidates repeatedly.

    Try again but with better candidates

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    I do agree 2 of them are pretty poor, never submitted them before (sign and old mini-golf). But the gazebo is pretty good and the tables are meh, was expecting to get rejected but they still voting all my nominations as abuse, one was even a playground with photo-sphere easy 5, abuse.

    I also did a post here and in the wayfarer Reddit, about the POIs that got accepted being moved to far away and even to the middle of a highway. Here’s the post: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/1017/abusive-false-edits-getting-accepted-what-to-do-now#latest

    this is not a 1 time thing and not 1 portal messed up, this is very serious but yet no one got banned, they are still laughing about it and making fun of me trying to report them... I’m starting to lose hope, really.

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    Update on the situation, more POI got rejected, but now they won't even show the reject reasons, just straight up "." as the reason.

    I will list them as I did in the inicial post:

    Title of the Wayspot: Caminho Animal

    Location: -20.185733, -40.253214 

    City: Serra

    Country: Brazil

    Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

    Photos to support your claim: This keep happening to all nominations I did, can anyone from Niantic please reply???

    Additional information: There are 2 more examples, down below:


    Title of the Wayspot: Piscina Olimpica no Condominio Igarape

    Location: -20.184663, -40.254319

    City: Serra

    Country: Brazil

    Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

    Photos to support your claim: Again, same thing no rejection reason, no nothing.

    Additional information: There is still 1 more I just received.


    Title of the Wayspot: Pracinha com Academia ao Ar Livre

    Location: -20.184294, -40.252798

    City: Serra

    Country: Brazil

    Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

    Photos to support your claim: I highly suspect that this is going on from the same reviewers from last time. PLEASE TAKE SOME ACTION!!! They are doing this to ban me, I heard from many players who are or have the information from a big group of reviewers near my area.

    Additional information: This is exactly the thing we need to remove from our review system, people accepting or rejecting cuz someone told them to, or told them to not to. I have screenshot of abusive edits, I did report them using wayfarer forms, I did tickets, I did posts in both reddit and here. Tried using game's support, either pokemon or ingress, nothing happened. Nothing at all. The corrupt players keep getting their POI accepted, keep getting their edits accepted and keep doing this kind of work. THIS IS CLEARLY AN ABUSE.

    I repeat one more time, THERE'S NO ABUSE FROM MY PART.

    The POI are either BAD or LOW QUALITY, but not a single one should be tagged as ABUSE.

    Now I'm getting rejected and not getting a single reason.


    Forgot to upload their images, sorry.

    1st one for this post, Animal Footprints (easily seen in the photo-sphere):

    2nd, Swimming Pool Area(easily seen in the satellite map):

    3rd, Exercise Area on Outside (also have photo-sphere):

    Last but no least, I'm not appealing them to get accept, I'm appealing for their rejected reasons and why they're getting tagged as abuse, please help me...

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    While his nominations aren't perfect, This guy sounds like he's being harrassed by other reviewers abusing the abuse system. I've seen his other posts about having poi moved away.

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    Thanks @grendelwulf-ING, it seems my other post is not getting the proper attention it should (in case someone want to check it out: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/1017/abusive-false-edits-getting-accepted-what-to-do-now#latest). I will try editing the post with images and proper locations coordinates from before and after reviewers edited the location of the POI wrongly. I do have a before/after print screen of the portals, this is so depressing and upsetting at the same time...

    I know for sure some of my nominations were straight up trash, I expected them to get rejected yea. But not as an abuse.

    Please @NianticCasey-ING or @NianticKN-ING can you give your 2 cents about this? I'm all asking is a honest opinion. Will my account be affected by any meanings for this rejections? If so, is there anything I can do about it?

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    I do not see anything abusive in your nominations.

    But they are really nothing special.

    I guess reviewers are trying to send you a message: "Please don't submit trash like this anymore"

    Since there's no option to message submitter, they can only press abuse button.

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    I said this before and I will say it again, some of my nominations were bad I admit it. They should have been rejected I know, but why are they using abuse? I was submitting everything I could during the bonus week while moving around my condominuim and the one next to me. As soon the fist one got rejected and flagged as abuse (it was a gazebo) I've tried submitting good and bad POI, some are still in voting, I needed to be sure if I was getting tagged as abuse since I did the submission or I was actually abusing and not realizing.

    It seems they did this only because it was me. Now they moved the POI I had form before in my are away, 400-500m away. Even the ones that had photo-spheres in the portal location before, almost impossible to anyone tell there weren't there. If you don't believe me just look at the map and grab the yellow dude around, you're going to see the photos-spheres. Also satellite covers my statement.

    Only 2 portals are in their correct location, almost all of them got moved.

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    The dot reject reason seems to be caused by manual rejection by NIA OPS. It usually happens when the nomination is marked as abuse and/or flagged in the system and then reviewed manually.

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    Can someone from Niantic confirm this or at very least some official source? If so, lol I would start submitting in English 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    One other thing to consider is that photospheres aren't being processed as fast right now. This is because Google is focusing more on critically important features and photospheres are not a priority.

    People will then reject your nomination because they can't find the POI, and don't believe what they can't see.

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    What did you write in supporting information for each nominations? If there's nothing special, then it would most likely to be rejected.

    Also for swimming pool, Niantic already stated in Wayfarer clarifications January 2020, that swimming pools for recreational purpose are ineligible.

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    I know it's under maintenance, the photo spheres are already there, I'm not trying to upload new ones, lol.

    I thought this was targeting small/child-size pools, the one I've tried submitting is located in a common area for members of the community to actually exercise, focused on that mainly. But still, I know about the AMA about pool, it must have some historical and/or cultural value, well it's not necessarily true that it hasn't any :(

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