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What Are Your Thoughts On This Plaque In The Parish Churchyard/Graveyard

I am a bit unsure because there does appear to be a 'higher bar' for graveyard nominations. I nominated this one because it gives me an opportunity to talk about the history of the local area. Plus, the village is very fortuitous position in regards to S17 cells, meaning people will actually be able to see this nomination, if accepted.

Besides it being in a graveyard (beside the existing Church Wayspot) I am also wondering if I should mention Saint Thomas Becket's beheading. It is relevant but some people are squeamish. I got away with a postbox nomination mentioning King Edward VII's sex life (he is known as the 'Playboy King') and this is probably less bad.

The road named Pilgrims Way is nearby (underlined) and people will see it clearly on the map view. I moved the satellite view to save me posting an extra screenshot. My concern is also there is no Google Photosphere. The supplemental photograph shows the nomination is clearly in a churchyard so that should be enough to convince the majority of people.

How would you vote on this nomination?

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