Incorrect picture removal

Title of the Wayspot: Saksalanraitti 3 Leikkipaikka

Location: 61°41'37.2"N 27°17'12.4"E

Mikkeli Province

City: Mikkeli

Country: Finland

Additional information: All three pictures of the portal are mine, but one of them was added incorrectly to the submission - as a duplicate - (proof in the screenshots) which means that it shows the incorrect, different location. Long time ago I submitted another playground in my neighborhood and it got marked as a duplicate of the "Saksalanraitti 3 Leikkipaikka", which IS NOT and the picture was added incorrectly to the original nomination. Yet it's a different playground, on the other side of the building, separated by a fence and accessible from a completely different side of the neighborhood (also shown on the screenshots). I'd be extremely grateful if you could remove the incorrect picture. It is now being used by another player to remove or relocate the portal out of spite. Likes on the incorrect picture are magically growing everyday.


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