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Framed Photos/ Wall Art

What’s the decree on a photograph or piece of art that’s been hung on a wall? It seems to me they pose a high “temporary/seasonal” threat as they can easily be moved or removed. Has Niantic addressed this, and, if not, what are your thoughts?


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    These are very tricky.

    Niantic guidelines:

    Indoor Wayspots

    • Acceptable: Mounted or free-standing murals, paintings, fountains, sculptures, etc. in a mall or the lobby of a business that also meet the criteria of being visually unique and locally significant.
    • Not acceptable: Mounted or free-standing murals, paintings, fountains, sculptures, etc. on or within 40 meters of private residences.

    Personal thoughts/interpretation:

    This does not mean that all mounted wall art is to be accepted. Art simply hung on a pin definitely run a bigger risk of being temporary, but I do know wall art just loosely hung in business lobbies that last years or decades.

    I try and review based on the merits (visual & conveyed local cultural value) of the art, presented permanence, and overall nomination package. Is the art named with a credited artist, or does it add history or value to the building, business, or region it is in? Or is it a mass produced replica (a glossy print of "Starry Night" that may have been purchased for $5)?

    There are, of course, other examples I'm missing. I've had several indoor art installations accepted that I am very pleased with and only one I have struggled with multiple times. I also would not nominate simple framed pictures without value or mass produced art without historic context just for the sake of attempting to add POI.

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