Upgrade wasted

Okay, so I was baffled this morning at what my wife discovered. She submitted a baseball field for a POI and she chose to use her “upgrade next” on said submission. She doesn’t review often, therefor doesn’t earn upgrades very fast. The ball field actually went into voting on its own and got approved as a pokéstop 2 days ago, never having actually upgraded. She logged in this morning to find that she had earned her upgrade overnight. She assumed that the upgrade went to a random submission and went to check, only to find that the upgrade had been spent on the ball field which had ALREADY BEEN APPROVED. I know you can’t remove the “upgrade next” status once it’s been used, but after a submission has already been approved, why in the world would I want my upgrade to still be used on it. This defies all logic and is so counterproductive. How does Niantic not have something in place to prevent this from happening? She is disappointed, and rightfully so. She worked hard to get 100 agreements just to have Niantic basically give her the ****.

Sorry if this comes across strong, I just feel extremely disappointed for her. What motivation does she have to review stops now?


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