New feature : adding a reason to a title/description/location submission

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When submitting a new title for a portal, a new description or a location change, you can't add a reason or precision to that submission.

When submitting many changes for the same portal, those change are all displayed in wayfarer in a single batch.

Some players are using the description field to add appropriate or inappropriate suggestions to the reviewer. The idea behind is that this suggestion will help approving other submissions, and the description change having attained it's goal will be reject by the reviewers.

Now, coming to the new feature suggestion.

When submitting a modification, non mandatory fields to explain the reason of the modification, adding precision and even submitting photos would be added.

Those info would be displayed to the reviewers to help them approving (or refusing) the modifications.

To prevent any abuse (something like false location for pokestop optimization, or creating home/work portals), reviewers could flag inappropriate info for Niantic to investigate.


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    Also adding a support picture to portal report would help to show those who don't exist anymore instead of havong to do it in an appeal

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    In total overwork the edit category. So many stupid edits are going through, even if it is total bulls**t. Just look at this tragedy:

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    I've got a location edit that won't go through until the reviewers actually notice how out-of-date the default street view is, whereas the view along the main road is updated just FINE thankuverymuch.

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    Niantic has stated that they are looking into supporting statements from Title and Description edits. But I don't think they will ever consider adding supporting statements for location edits. Niantic want reviewers to pick the most accurate physical location and does not want submitters to add statements that attempt to influence reviewers into choosing an inaccurate location.

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    A supporting statement for location edits would really help too. In Wayfarer, Google Maps seems to have different satellite imagery depending on how zoomed in you are on an area. The satellite recently swooped over our area to take some photographs and only the top-down view (more zoomed out version) shows the more up to date images.

    I know because if you zoom in too much on the satellite view (so it's in the slightly slanted satellite view) on Wayfarer it shows a large playground near me before it was upgraded, as opposed to the un-zoomed purely top-down view which shows the more up to date imagery from the past few weeks which shows the expansion of the playground. Somebody who doesn't know the technicalities of Google Maps may not realise this.

    The Ingress Intel Map only shows the top-down view, regardless of how zoomed in one is. The satellite view in the Ingress Intel Map, therefore, appears to function differently from the standard Google Maps and the version of Google Maps used in Wayfarer. The Ingress Intel Map does not suddenly switch to the less up to date but more zoomed in version of Google Maps from my area.

    Thus, it is possible to miss objects on the satellite view because Google Maps does not update the various zoom levels at the same time. This naturally leads to some discrepancies. Thus, it would be good if people were able to tell reviewers which zoom level of the satellite images the point of interest is visible on.

    Example of different Wayfarer zoom levels:

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    You can submit an update to street view with the specific app :

    Be careful of the Google account you use to do it as the account name will be associated with the street view submission.

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    Adding a reason is not going to happen, they have said previously that with edits they want the reviewer to do so impartially without any influence.

    Having a section for giving a reason is going to influence a decision.

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    Sometimes you need to influence the reviewer. For example, there is a Church me called 'Church of St. Peter Ad Vincula'. It was incorrectly titled 'Church of St. Peter and Vincula'. The name of the Church is in Latin and it translates to 'Church of St. Peter in Chains'.

    Somebody tried to correct the title three times before the edit was accepted. People kept thinking the title was correct because they assumed the name was English when it wasn't, it was using Latin words. St. Peter ad Vincula makes sense if the name is Latin but reviewers kept thinking using the word "and" in the title was the correct spelling.

    Had my friend added a note to say "please choose X edit" he would have been potentially been cited for abuse even though the edit was done with the best of intentions. Niantic aren't always right, I know it's hard for some people to believe. There are other such examples of where adding reasons to edits would be a good thing.

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    Wrong there is no need.

    If the person doing the edit in your example had reworded the description to include an explanation of the name then it would have given all the information to the reviewer to make an informed choice without influencing them.

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    I mean, you're both right. It would be easier if there was a supporting statement (like with new nominations) to be able to explain the edit. "Church renamed in 2017 but Street View is old and no signage is on the building; check"

    But it also isn't hard to play by Niantic's rules. "Once 'St Timothy Church,' this nondenominational church changed names in 2017 to 'Fairview Bible Church' to better connect itself to the city."

    It is silly to have to play that kind of game. Supporting fields would make edits easier, pictures, too, would help. Buuut considering all the edits I've seen where the person already does a text edit "please pick left side so I can get a gym" and new nominations "location purposely misplaced so I can get a Stop," I understand why Nia doesn't want to give us that ability at this time.

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    If I understood you correctly, you are saying that even if there is a good description already for the Wayspot, the existing description should be (potentially unnecessarily) thrown out and a new description written in its place simply because you don't agree that supporting statements are a good idea?

    The explanation of the name could go in a supporting statement and therefore keep the Wayspot descrption to things such as the style and architecture of the Church, maybe noting a famous person buried in the surrounding graveyard too. Wayspot descriptions really don't allow that many words, probably not as many as you'd think. It's a medieval Church, it has lots of history because it has been a focal point for the parish for maybe even a millennia at this point. The name is just one small part of the overall Church.

    The Church is listed on Historic England with a listing of "Grade II*" and fewer than 5% of entries make this grade. The Church is historically rather important therefore, and it's also not the only listed structure in the churchyard. Can't be wasting the description simply trying to justify the name.

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