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Title of the Wayspot: [다시 찾고 싶은 삼성동시장]

Location: [37.469242,126.931432]

City: [Seoul]

Country: [South Korea]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [N.A. as it is a deleted portal appeal]

Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

Above is the portal [삼성동시장 입구],126.931679&z=17&pll=37.472009,126.933134

And below is the deleted [다시 찾고 싶은 삼성동시장]

(intel link destroyed due to the portal removal)

It looks quite identical, but the possible geotagged photos suggest that they are in different locations.

Google street view also suggests the same.

Additional information: [If you have more explanations, add them here]

This is another doing of a thread I posted, and what actually happened. The one who submitted the photos to make confusion of duplicates is also linked together, as they describe in another thread. The method is described here:

While on it, I would like to appeal that all photos submitted by HawkBro on both portals are removed to avoid confusion, at the same time removing possible future abuse of the duplicate portal reports.

I really would appreciate that I don't waste my time on the same abuse again and again, and it doesn't help Niantic reviewing the same methods of abuse over and over again.

If the wrong photos should be appealed elsewhere, please kindly leave a message in the comments and I'll head over. I repeat this for the 6th time in the forums, I strongly suggest the abuse team to ban the accounts involved to access the wayfarer system.

And always, huge thanks to the wayfarer team, my interactions with the wayfarer team was always a great experience.

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