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    Hopefully photo reviewers realize that you can be somewhat LESS stringent when accepting a secondary photo. Too many times I've had to resort to submitting a "daytime" photo for a nomination where the night shot is just so much more bee-you-tee-full, and then wait for Niantic to accept the originally rejected night shot themselves. Oh well, more in-game AP for me at least.

    And oftentimes, being able to showcase a nomination from farther away makes for a beautiful picture, which also lets you see the POI in a better/different context. Yet usually such photos end up being rejected by wayfarers, yet again later accepted by Niantic.

    One of the biggest bonuses is that visitors to the area can see your local attractions from many different points of view. (Yes, the ability to see multiple accepted photos is eventually coming to Pogo too, don't you worry.)

    So long as the new photos DO show the POI, and they don't violate other rules (ie. recognizable faces, personally identifying license plates, etc), then you can be much more lenient for these "secondary" photos.

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    I have not come across any during my reviews yet but you can rest assured as soon as we get a light dusting of snow, I’m submitting snowy photos of all of my local POI for review.

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    From the guidelines:

    Well composed - the Wayspot or placemarker is centered without too much foreground or background, or objects passing by in front

    If people are going to be reviewing photos, I surely hope they understand the nuances of how the photo is viewed between all the different games and where they are cropped. So many submissions out there have poorly framed images, that when you view the wayspot in-game you often see nothing of significance until you open the whole image. Perhaps Niantic should include some prime examples of photos that fulfill all the criteria and are framed optimally for all games.

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    Unlike NianticCasey, I'm really, really, really not excited about this. All I can see is further addition to the backlog with no benefit for the players.

    Am I to assume some of the older photos can be removed based on the reviews? If so...

    I can easily think of pois where, based on the old street view, it'd make sense to remove the wrong photo.

    Even objectively bad photo by the player who originally submitted the portal/poi are part of the "history" of the poi. In my opinion of course.

    (Also, with the current changes to gym creation mechanisms this might cause nasty surprises in recount situations.)

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    It shouldn't be a requirement and it shouldn't be "self made requirement" either. It should be a good practise for the photo submitter to think that the object is at the center of the picture because of Pokemon Go photo discs etc. but it shouldn't cause photo rejection if it's not. The player community will decide what is a best photo of the POI and it will become the "cover picture" just like it does now in Ingress.

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    I’d quite like to have seasonally appropriate photos for all of my local POI.

    At this point it doesn’t affect anything in other games with the 👍‘s that I do. So I can just juggle it around and then they’re all wintry for winter, or have the fallen leaves nearby for Autumn. Probably nobody cares save me but I like it.

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    I submitted a nice (subjective, I know) picture for a portal/pokestop which currently has no image, and it was rejected under the new system. I think that having the review in the negative is really confusing! It’d be better if they ask us to select the eligible pictures rather than the ineligible pictures. In this case the reviewer would see 1 picture and is asked to select the picture that is ineligible.

    Anyway, what I’m wondering now is if I try the appeal through this site whether I would get the photo submission AP or if I need to submit again through Ingress?

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