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Pokestops lost due to movements wont reappear in PoGo if their cell becomes empty

As we all know now, Pokestops that get moved into an occupied level17-cell will disappear from PokemonGo.

But furthermore it seems that those lost Stops can't re-enter the game if their new cell loses the blocking Stop (by more moving to example). I was able to observe such a situation and i'm pretty sure thats not exactly whats supposed to happen so i'm reporting it as a bug.

So what happened exactly?

Thats a part of my local area in Hamburg-Harburg. The marked POI is "Harburger Stadtplan", below left of it you can see the POI "Zerstört 1944 1955" at its current position. Harburger Stadtplan used to be at the position marked x (or 1. Movement) and Zerstört 1944 1955 used to be at the position marked o (or 2. Movement)

Around October 10th the first movement happend. Harburger Stadtplan entered it's current cell and disappeared because that cell was occupied by Zerstört 1944 1955 at that time.

At October 26th I noticed that Zerstört 1944 1955 got moved to the cell occupied by "Freizeitverein Schlübber PFG".Therefore it disappeared from PoGo later that day.

Since it's the only POI left in that cell I expected Harburger Stadtplan to re-enter PoGo as a Stop the next day together with all the new Stops at the same time. But nothing happened.

Thats the look i've got on that area yesterday, October 28th. And i don't belive that this is the way Niantic wants this to work. Harburger Stadtplan is an eligible POI in an empty cell an therefore should be a stop in PoGo again.

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