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Review deadline expired while investigating potential photosphere abuse, now stuck

Kirbydeb-PGOKirbydeb-PGO Posts: 37 ✭✭
edited October 2020 in Report a Bug

Double problem:

I came across a nomination that didn't seem to be right. Street view was quite recent (2019), but there were 3 photospheres provided. Long story short, I spend some time carefully reviewing and comparing the different viewpoints, taking screenshots of the comparison and concluded that the photospheres are potentially faked to create a fake wayspot. (Another already approved wayspot has the same problem). But then, the review deadline expired.

  1. I can't finish my review, even though I put a lot of work and time into it to carefully review this.
  2. Since this pop-up, my wayfarer is stuck and it doesn't allow me to move to the next nomination.

I can provide the screenshots if necessary.

Edit: Could continue after closing tab and signing in again, but still seems like something that shouldn't be needed in order to continue.

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