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Colored Trail marker

Night0wl17-PGONight0wl17-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭

Would you accept a trail marker that is simply a green/blue/red/yellow circle that act as trail identification. The rules says the trail has to have a name. To me even though colors are not words, if they have chosen to identify the different trails with colors I would think that this is like it's name and would think it is valid. It seems to me I would have to be unreasonably rigid to reject it. What do you think?

Edit: to clarify the area I have in mind creates a kind of loop inside a forest that is a few miles deep, and sometimes the trails interconnects with one another and then split again and so these trail markers do serve as a reference point to verify that you still are on the right trail otherwise they have not put clear signs with detailed distances and you can get in a wrong trail that is longer than you would expect.


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