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Thoughts On A Playground Within A New Housing Development That Is Not Yet Open To The Public

N.B. The road the playground is on has people living on it already.

I was visiting a new housing development near me and I noticed they had built a new play area in roughly the middle of the development. Possibly as a kind of focal point, as well as for social responsibility, for what it's worth. Some parishes have stipulations that you must contribute to the local community if you want to build new houses there and what not. I sometimes look on the websites for new housing developments so that I can plan nominations before the area is even built.

Playgrounds can be rather tricky to get good photographs of because there will often be parents and children using them, so I thought I'd get in there early and poke my camera through the railings. The playground looks complete to me (they are currently sprucing up the little nature reserve next door it seems). Therefore, it's only a matter of time before it opens, most likely a couple weeks at most I would say. The playground is visible on the recently updated satellite view.

Would you vote favourbly on the playground knowing it's soon to open?


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