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Hey everyone, got a question. I work in a park. There is a gym at my park that is at the bottom of a canyon. It has no public access. When reaching the bottom of the canyon where the trail is, there is no reception from any network. It is full of spoofers. I have reported it in the past (2019) but it still remains.

Is there a way to report it and have it removed? I see the appeals forums. How can I provide more information that in fact there is no cell service at the stop and no legit player is able to occupy the gym? Provide a screenshot of in-game with no cell service? I work there and it is unfortunate to see cheaters in the gym when not even I can get it.


  • Hey there,

    The best place to report an abusive Wayspot is to fill out this form. Since you've already reported it, if you provide some details about the location itself, I can escalate it to the abuse team to take a closer look.

  • Hi there Casey, I appreciate the response. Below are details about the spot. It appears as though I reported it via a support ticket (or something) that has the ticket number of 1536260. Back in 2019 I was corresponding with someone named Akker, if that helps any. If I need to report the spot by tapping it in-game (I think I do), I can do so when I go back to work on Wednesday/Thursday.

    It may be hard to tell without a topographic map but the trail is in the bottom of a canyon. The trail on the left (see google maps) is the public access hiking trail. The road on the right is our closed to the public drivable stretch used to pump portable toilets. At no point in the public hiking trail is there access to the stop, due to tree coverage and the fact they're going down into a canyon. The Hamilton Pool Fern Gratto (whoever nominated it spelled Grotto wrong..) is also inaccessible to the public, and is only accessible to park staff by getting close to the edge of the Grotto (50 foot fall if they fell) with the currently extension in range due to COVID-19.

    If you need any more information from me, let me know. I will also report it in-game again when I get back to work. Thanks!

    Name: Hamilton Pool Trail Marker

    Ingress Link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=30.343119,-98.128707&z=17&pll=30.343119,-98.128707

    Google Maps Link: https://www.google.com/maps/place/30%C2%B020'35.2%22N+98%C2%B007'43.4%22W/@30.3424469,-98.129091,341m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d30.343119!4d-98.128707

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    Does the object exist at the location?

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    True but me for example i live nearby a forrest and like everyone in this area can't reach certain stops in the forrest i am really wondering how did those actually came in the game

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    Like others have said, for ingress points of interest that have limited data service are very valuable. They are made for strategic purposes.

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    I wouldn't say signal has anything to do with waypoint eligibility. If it's eligible, and someone can access it on foot (you mention park staff can) then it's surely fine for it to exist.

    I have experienced cases where my phone signal has either improved or reduced over several years in some areas. There is one village where I now cannot get a signal at all, it used to be merely poor, but it has waypoints popping up all over the place. Clearly others have enough signal to play there, so good for them. Signal will probably improve over time, maybe 5G will help.

    Spoofers can be dealt with as a separate issue, surely.

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    @garfieldfreakje-PGO I currently own three satellite phones. (It's complicated.) I have submitted more than one wayspot that has no cell signal at all, and some that have just a tiny hint of signal if you do the right signal dance and maybe use the right hardware to boost signal.

    Way back in the past Ingress players could submit new portals via email. That meant that you could take a photo when you had no service at all and then submit it when you were back in range. Later you could move the pin any distance you wanted to when you were submitting something, so you would take a photo then open up the scanner app and submit it when you were back in cell service. Some people have submitted via satellite phone but satphone data is often measured in dollars per megabyte (not gigabyte, megabyte). Paying $20+ in data costs per submission doesn't seem like something people would do often, though I'm sure a few have.

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