How to request waypoint location edit if only accessible in Ingress

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So I submitted what I personally think was a really nice submission for one of a series of sculptures on a nature trail. Turns out it was a duplicate because of a misplaced submission. I checked in Ingress, and turns out I can't submit edits to it unless I learn to play Ingress a lot. If the portal was shifted to the actual real-world location, it would be in a different cell and would have appeared in Pokemon Go since the beginning.

My question is: Would my submission flagged as a duplicate trigger an automatic location/photo/title/description edit requests and attempt to merge them? If that were the case, then I guess it will sort itself out.

If not, is there anything I can do to help correct this?

Sorry if my etiquette/markup isn't correct! Thanks!

Please check out that GORGEOUS photo I took. You can see the gazebo, Dawson Silverwood sculpture, proximity to walking path, and shadow of tree above. You can see the sculpture by switching to streetview and driving back/forth.

Current Location:,-105.144908

Accurate Location:,-105.144747



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