Support for Indian languages in game (for waypoint titles & description)

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@NianticKN-ING sir we have Nominated many things in our city. Many waypoints Accepted are having cultural & religious values so we decided to give it titles & description in our local language (Devnagari Script/fonts ) as translating it in English may give different pronunciation.

Everything was ok while submitting nomination but we have noticed once in game, titles & description in devnagari script/fonts (For hindi, Konkani &. marathi language) are not displaying correctly. They are broken.

Would be really great if you all add support for all major Indian languages (scripts/Fonts) in game so that we can read it properly. Otherwise people think it's wrongly spelled & keep on going to edit titles. @NianticCasey-ING @NianticAaron @ni0h-ING@NianticAndres @NianticEG @NianticAaron

Here are more details:émon_go_still_has_broken_rendering_for_indian/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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    Then Niantic should add support for many languages all over the world including Bahasa Indonesia and many others local language of Indonesia, too, which would cost them everything.

    P.S. you've tagged one wrong person

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    If it works correctly during the nomination and review then the Wayfarer team has done its work correctly and you should report this problem to the Pokemon Go team.

    Providing proper language support is something that a global multimillion dollar company should aim to achieve.

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