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Use of "@" instead of "at" in title : eligible or reject?

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How should we rate submissions containing the "@" sign instead of the word "at" in titles, like "Sculpture @ xyz Park"

Since it's a symbol, but it's not an emoji, emoticon, URL nor HTML, is there any problems, should we reject this or there are no problems at all?

The only available information are :

Title and Description

Rate the quality of the nomination’s title and description based on the following criteria.

Give high ratings to:

  • Official titles (if available) or creative titles/descriptions (as long as they add value to the Wayspot)
  • Titles and descriptions with correct spelling/capitalization/grammar
  • Titles and descriptions that include the artist’s name (for murals, statues, etc.)

Give low ratings to: 

  • Titles and descriptions that do not match the Wayspot
  • Titles and descriptions with player names or game-specific information (artist names are acceptable)
  • Titles and descriptions with promotional content, URLs, or HTML tags
  • Titles and descriptions that are derogatory/offensive
  • Titles and descriptions with emoticons or emojis
  • Descriptions copied directly from other sources

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