Invalid Wayspots on an active military base



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    It’s a shame google+ is no longer here because if it was I could have linked you to several threads where players accused (occasionally with proof) that opposition faction agents had sneaked onto a military base to either take down fields or put fields up. I know of many U.K. incidents and one where someone lost their job because although they had some military clearance they didn’t have clearance for the part of the base where the portal was

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    I remember that sometime ago a GPS tracking app (or several) showed the details of restricted military zones thanks to the data provided by the users.

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    Because all of this information goes directly to base, because despite folk thinking this isn’t an issue, it poses a serious security risk.

    along with people not having correct clearance to access some areas and going to them anyway because of a portal/pokestop, submitting POI on an extremely active base encourages photographic and video recordings to be sent to an unknown database, that niantic are pushing Pokemon scans which encourages individuals to record 15-30 second videos of an active military base to an unknown database, to name a few issues live POI pose.

    so the base has all this information handed to them where they’re highly aware of the serious security risk having their base photographed and videod poses, and I was polite enough to give Niantic the courtesy to look for emails during the duration of January and February of 2020. All they had to do was look through their emails and actually respond to the base, instead of ignoring them.

    also, you’d think folk aren’t stupid enough to breach an active security base to play AR games, but you’d be very, very wrong regarding the sheer stupidity of humanity.

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