Someone faked 4 home-POIs and tried a fifth one..

Title of the wayspot: list below

Location: Intel links below

City: Blankenhagen

Country: Germany

Additional information:

This looks like someone really had fun creating fake POIs...

Gedenktafel 770 Jahre Blankenhagen,12.347416&z=17&pll=54.168405,12.347416

Those are just two random stones, no meaning. More look like gravestones.


You can see a street with trees on it. There are definately no trees.

Stromkasten "Kirche Blankenhagen",12.347005&z=17&pll=54.168139,12.347005


There is definately no street like on the image of the POI

Tischtennisplatte für "jung und Alt",12.347551&z=17&pll=54.168111,12.347551


There should be a house with stones on the ground. A far pasture with a building in the back

This is definately not on the satelite picture.

"Musikschule Rostock" auf Stromkasten,12.348179&z=17&pll=54.16799,12.348179


The building on the satelitemap is way bigger and there is no such vegetation and the building is also not existent.

The faker is also trying to fake another POI there:

This POI is obviously fake aswell.

Please remove those POIs. Thank you!



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