Pokémon Trainer level requirement lowered to 38

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I think this is good for people who have been reviewing and have an understanding of guidelines. I do think most people will report an influx of "coal."

I do wish Niantic had prioritized beret guidelines over expanding eligibility to create nominations.


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    I don't think level and quality of submissions would have any correlation. 

    @FrealafGB-PGO I've said before that reading & comprehension of guidelines has little to do with ability to hit level 40.

    The correlation will just be that there will be more of all nominations.

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    At the moment, about 30 per cent of what I've reviewed has been 1-starred. Probably over half of those that I 1-starred have been very bad nominations, or "absurd requests" as someone has stated.

    Sure, maybe we'd expect a very small uptick of these absurd requests that deserve zero stars, but it will probably even out in a month's time. Although we will probably see a few more duplications, about 5 per cent I mark as a duplicate.

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    How many level thirty-eight and thirty-nine players have actually been reviewing? That's what I'd like to know. What's the uptake?

    Anybody who isn't level forty in Pokémon GO yet likely is super casual; the game came out in 2016. Either that or they could have been too young to make an account in 2016 - that's a possibility too. I know most people have the best of intentions, and I'm sure just exploring where they live has given them somewhat of a grasp of what makes a good Pokéstop. There's still lots of interesting things to nominate, especially in rural areas, it just may be a case of travelling a bit further and finding these things.

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    It's a easy way to give extra nominations to all the players of Pokemon Go with multiple accounts

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    My biggest reason to get to 40 was so I can nominate some good quality places that deserved to be stops. Before I got to 40, I started reviewing and reading this group and learned what made for good nominations.

    I also joined Ingress and check for portals before nominating, and it has saved me from at many duplicate submissions. Some of the good quality places that I was looking to nominate were in fact already waystops.

    Given all the junk submissions now in the cue, the problem is not the level, but the training and directions not being clear. It should be level 40 to make that a reward for playing, and you should need to review before you can submit.

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    I don't understand the strategy here. There are already way too many submission for the number of reviewers to the point where some areas have a queue of several months. Now Niantic has a pretty well established roadmap to make the review process both more accessible and less of a slog, why not wait until these improvements are implemented to have a better chance to turn new players discovering Wayfarer into long-term, proficient reviewers? That a one-time opportunity to reach a ton of people at once and it's "wasted" by inviting them into a still half-broken product.

    I have no doubt there are many, many competent people among the level 38-39 PoGo players, but how are Niantic expecting to keep them around when the guidelines are still a confusing mess and the review process is still unrewarding for the amount of work required?

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    ...and a mass produced fairly generic road sign at my local made it in before the level requirement got lowered, can't get any worse anyway right? 🤦‍♀️

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    great this means just more backlog and even longer waiting times.. im still on 3 months waiting for mine.. not happy.

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