Invalid Wayspot Appeal - relocated to new office building

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Title of the Wayspot: [일산서구청]

Location: [37.675692,126.750766]

City: [Goyang]

Country: [Korea, Republic of]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attach Screenshot]

Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

  • registered photo of wayspot

  • [email protected] map [obsolete position] - please compare with registered photo of wayspot.

  • 일산서구청@google [new position],126.7431441,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x357c8509c16edf5f:0x1958c4312f6f8be4!8m2!3d37.677819!4d126.7453328

Additional information: [If you have more explanations, add them here]

The ilsan west ward office was moved to new location in Feb. 2019 after finishing construction of new office building. However, wayspot 일산서구청 is still left on old location. As you can see in st.view in naver map which was taken in Nov. 2019 while st.view in google is not updated yet, the district office is not found.

Why don't we take an action to increase the consistency between real world and portal network?

Thank you.

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