Not a duplicate - there are two Minffordd Stations

I had a nomination for Minfford Station rejected on the grounds that it is a duplicate when there are two stations in the village on two very different rail lines.

Extract from Wikipedia, "Minffordd railway station station, is actually two adjacent stations operated entirely independently of each other. The mainline station opened as Minfford Junction on 1 August 1872 at the point where the then recently built Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Railway line from Dovey Junction to Pwllheli (latterly to become part of the Cambrian Railways) passes under the existing narrow gauge Festiniog Railway built in 1836 to carry dressed slate from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog for export by sea, which had carried passengers from 1865 onwards. It was renamed Minffordd in 1890."

The existing entry of for the heritage line and the one that I was trying to add was for the active mainline station.


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    Is there a portal in Ingress that did not make its way into Pokemon Go. That would be a legitimate reason to mark something duplicate.

    I would make sure that you identify the line that the station is on, differentiating it from the existing stop.

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