Wayfarer 3.1 Release Notes: New Criteria + Darkmode



  • Diskrepansi-INGDiskrepansi-ING Posts: 92 ✭✭✭

    Absolutely; it just needs to be stated for clarity. Otherwise, a response to your point could easily be, "that action just isn't available for that portal."

    Further to that example, the UltraStrike can be used directly on resonators as well, yet these resos may go into areas that are not accessible or pedestrian-safe (eg. wayspot in the middle of a bridge). Therefore, we're obviously willing to have these situations occur.

    Anyway, I'm in agreement with you, I just see the potential for this to be argued as it stands, so I think this clarification should be included.

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    I am new to all this but... it seems a little hard to get to grips with it all.... I am reviewing following the criteria (as far as I can see)that I can find, yet I have done hundreds but not even 100 agreements? Is this because I am wrong or not enough reviewers? I am also getting these cool downs?? That is just making me not want to bother too much as it’s not specific as to why. Also, my own noms are being rejected. I am a VERY Rural player and One specifically as said above... it is a generic store... and something to do with a restaurant (it never in its life was a food place) so that means the new criteria is not being followed properly? Also, Regards VERY RURAL players, what are we supposed to do to get stops. Most rural areas don’t have footpaths, we have grass verges as our paths but they get turned down. We don’t have historic signs and sculptures, all these things would ruin our countryside so in order to get my child to a pokestop, I have to get in my car and drive rather than encourage him to walk a mile up the road? Can the criteria for very rural players be looked at please?

  • DyA93-PGODyA93-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Finally i can make a ps

  • Didz999-PGODidz999-PGO Posts: 1

    I hope in the next update you gonna change the voting syteme , cause something can be interesting visualy ,but not important for community and vice-versa , the two of them should be fuse. Same can go with section security and location if you give 1* like the first vote a pop-up come out and ask to be more specific. A lot of player dont take time to vote , cause is to long. It will be nice to short it a bit.

    And the way rejection affect or profil , when some submision are really subjective , bother me a bit. Sometime i got review from U.S or the other corner of canada. I don't know what is important for the community and same goes for them when they vote for something here...

  • IvaIaine-PGOIvaIaine-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    why is there no popup whenever the rules change in such a way? ie if you havent reviewed for a while, and the rules have changed, you should have to read the new rules. It was only after i realised the generic business rejection criteria was gone and i was getting nominations for EVERY basic business like dentists and the like, that i wondered what had changed and googled to find this. It should be put in front of your face when you come back after a bit of time off!

    I dont mind approving local businesses with actual value - ie bakeries in remote areas, even pubs as these are the social points in these towns, but a metro dentist? come on, no one wants to go to the dentist to explore!

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