New Wayfarer Criteria Page missing Important Criteria

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Hey Niantic,

I'm gonna start off by saying I like a lot of what you've done. I like that you've clarified your stance on fake nominations, couch wayspots, and influencers.

Here's the bit I don't like

Where are the criteria for wayspots that meet:

1) **Educational** guidelines for objects such as information boards that teach you things about anything and everything

2) **Architectural** guidelines for objects such as nationally listed buildings, those designed by noted architects, or those that help you understand the *history* of your local area or region etc

3) **Art** guidelines for objects such as statues and public murals. (Have a look at Christiaan Nagel's polyurethane mushrooms in London for example)

To me this criteria list is missing a lot, I understand that it's probably for newer submitters and reviewers, but entire chunks of information are missing that need adding. Especially if people are going to start taking what this says as gospel since a lot of submissions that aren't specifically covered by the acceptance criteria I've personally had a lot of struggles with.

Also pretty much everything can be argued to be "explorational" so that whole criterion is essentially useless IMO.


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