Nominations submitted by accounts with a history of spamming inappropriate nominations

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To clarify, does this mean those who are continually submitting things like trees and adult book stores which do not meet criteria?

Often, a great nomination gets rejected with a terrible reason. For example, a trailmarker rejected as a live animal or generic business. If an Explorer nominates this a few dozen times to try and get this accepted, would action be taken against them? This seems like punishment on the nominator, rather than against the reviewer who is selecting incorrect rejection reasons.

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    This should be asked in the Criteria AMA. I hope the first line is what they are thinking.

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    Good point. Have now added it there.

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    I do hope that they change they way they treat nominators and reviewers. I would appreciate regular testing:

    e.g. once per year, nominators and reviewers. You receive feedback where you did ok and where you misjudged. You can take the test as often as you want, but can only nominate/review after you pass.

    Result is that those community members who want to follow the guidelines know what to do.

    Then it is Ok to warn/ban those who repeat doing non compliant things, because only then you can be quite sure it is not a mistake but abuse what they are doing.

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    Maybe not regular testing unless you really messed up but maybe a “year end assessment”.

    Saying something like, of X amount of new waypoints you reviewed Y went live, Z were duplicated. Of R waypoints you reviewed, you were in line with voting on 85% of them. Here’s some examples where you voted differently.

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    I would hope that if someone is flagged for submitting things being rejected over and over actually eyes inside a head attached to a working brain would look at the rejections to see if they are abuse or just trying to resubmit eligible nominations.

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