Nature sign

What kind of nature signs are eglible because i nominated those two and were both rejected (placed in public and 360 picture was available) the first one is a blossom wall placed at the border of a parking (next to footpath) there are several different plants planted for attracting bees

The second one is a watersource that was used previously for the former steamtram


  • donandlan-PGOdonandlan-PGO Posts: 201 ✭✭✭

    I would say the first is eligible if it "teaches us" about the plants and pollinators. We have signs around here for identifying "butterfly gardens" or "pollinator plantings" that are pretty common, mass produced, generic statements. They aren't specific to any particular area. I wouldn't consider these as eligible as an information placard produced by a nature center to teach us about the importance of pollinators or the migration of monarch butterflies.

    Your second example seems to simply mark a location, but without more information, it isnt teaching us anything.

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