New "Private residential property" definition

Hi everyone,

I think most of you know what this topic will be about. The definition of "private residential property" has always been rather contentious among the community: where does a private property stops, is gated community considered private, and how about multi-tenant buildings...?

The old Word of God was that "private residential property" covered single family property and farmland, up and including the sidewalk. However the new criteria invalidated older official guideline and but the new rules are once again woefully vague.

So my question is simple: does the definition of "private residential property" has been changed with the criteria? If yes, how does the term must be understood now?

I know it's among some of the more popular question of the upcoming AMA, but I don't think we should have to wait to get clarification for a situation that concern easily 5-10% of the submissions (at least in my region where potales -small traditional religious altars directly carved in buildings walls- are everywhere).



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