Copyright in murals (drawings or graffiti) of movies / animes

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Hi, what about the proposals that may be subject to copyright?

For instance, drawings or graffiti of some Japanese anime, they should be rejected because there is no license for their reproduction or not... I think that it have to rejected, but some wayfinders around me says that it will be approved.

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    There is, IMO, a difference between the copyright of the drawing itself (the mural painting/drawing) and the copyright of the picture you are submitting to Niantic.

    Reviewers should not, again IMO, ask themselves if there are any copyright issues about the original painting/drawing. A submission sould not be rejected because we are not sure if there are any copyright issues on the artwork.

    If the copyright owner wants the artwork to be removed, the owner will ask the artist, not Niantic. And if removed, then the wayspot will later be subject to an invalid wayspot report.

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