Humanitarian associations

According to the acceptance criteria, are humanitarian associations valid requests?

Example, red cross


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    Prior AMA guidance have said "charity headquarters are valid candidates if they have cultural significance or have done something significant for the community."

    Under New Criteria guidance. They could fall under:

    A great place to be social with others

    A favorite gathering place for friends or strangers alike, where you can share a drink or meal, be entertained, or watch public life happen. Or something that draws us together to share an experience in a locally and culturally relevant way.

    Volunteering at a local charity would do exactly that.

    However, if the review requires you to identify the POI from the drop down menu, there isn't a category that makes sense and the reviewer will likely default to the"generic business" rejection.

    That drop down menu is a flawed part of the review process.

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    In this case it should not be classified as a business, it does not seek profit and the people who work in this relationship are usually volunteers. The "company" is dedicated to helping those most needed voluntarily

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    Agreed. It's not a business. 

    I submitted a local charity. 

    A non-profit charity dedicated to providing hope and support to children fighting cancer. Founded in 2007 by a local family after their son was diagnosed with and died from leukemia.  They have granted over 2000 wishes, distributed over 125,000 toys, donated $1,250,000 to Lurie Children's Hospital, and much more. They are a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit charity group. They are a one of a kind, locally started and located charity that is very involved in so many local fundraisers. The have one office/headquarters in a stripmall.


    Reason: Generic Business...

    I was annoyed, but then I got a charity in review where I was required to indentify what it was. There was nothing to choose from those drop down menus. There isn't an option that I could find that made any sense at all.

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    Do you know why that request does not come out? people do not stop to value things, they vote without almost investigating. With this I am not saying that everyone does it, but the majority wins

    By the way, a pity that this request does not come out and then authentic nonsense is accepted

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