Why are wayspots that are on the opposite side of the road consistently marked as duplicate?

I have had 3 wayspots that are NOT duplicates of existing pokestops/gyms, and all of which are at least on the opposite side of a road from any other wayspot, rejected as duplicate. Why?

The first is Questhaven Park (I submitted the stop for where Google has the marker on maps), which is the other side of Questhaven from the Garden Trail Marker:

You can quite clearly see the park marked on Google Maps and the trailhead (the circle is where the marker is) on the other side of a divided road.

The existing stop is circled in red:

The second is the sculpture at San Elijo Town Center, which is the other side of the street from the Planter and also from the Clock Tower (which is a gym) and the wine bar.

There are NO stops on that entire block:

The rejected as duplicate stop is circled in red, the existing ones are in blue:

The Third is the Questhaven Trail marker, which is on the opposite side of a divided 4 lane road from the 10K marker, and also on a block where there are NO stops (in this case on either side of the street):

Once again, existing (showing all stops in the image) in blue, rejected in red.

It seems to me that these are being rejected by people who do not know the area at all, or there is some criteria I am unaware of.


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