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Image review - selecting exact duplicates

YX3am-INGYX3am-ING Posts: 38 ✭✭
edited November 2020 in Report a Bug

Received an image edit to review, there were two photos which were exact duplicates. Selecting one of them highlighted both for submission. Please advise if this is normal behaviour and both images should be selected, not just one exact duplicate.

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  • YX3am-INGYX3am-ING Posts: 38 ✭✭


    The previous review timed out on me while I looking up clarification; this instance, I selected one at random, but was unable to submit. When I clicked on Submit / Submit and finish review, the page reloaded with highlighted image remaining highlighted (unlike a normal page refresh where the selection was cleared to a fresh page).

    Similar occurrance. 3 identical photos / exact duplicates.

    URL for photo #1 is unique; URL for photos #2, #3 are identical.

    The two photos which share a URL are selected as a pair. When either the 2nd or 3rd photo is clicked, both are selected/deselected in unison.

    Presumably, the original post was solely a bug and this image review was submitting by a wayfarer who identified an actual duplicate. So I picked a random photo and submitted that as the DMC. When I clicked on "Submit", the page went white, then the previous edit page came back up, including the highlighted selection. Same result when selecting the other photo, and when submitting all photos.

  • YX3am-INGYX3am-ING Posts: 38 ✭✭
    edited November 2020


    Similar occurrence. This time, I picked one and tried to submit. The page cleared, then reloaded with the order & highlighed selection intact (unlike a normal refresh when the selection is cleared and photo order randomized).

    3 photos. URL for photo #1 is unique; URL for photos #2, 3 are identical. The photos which shared a URL were selected/deselected in unison when one or the other was clicked.

    Selected a photo at random on assumption that this image review was based on an actual exact duplicate (wheres in original post there were other suspect images) and attempted to submit that as DMC. The page cleared, then the same review reloaded including the order and selection. Same result for "Submit and finish reviewing" and "Submit", and when selecting the other photo or all options as DMC. (The previous instance, the page timed out while searching for guidance).

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  • MikeAlpha1-INGMikeAlpha1-ING Posts: 12 ✭✭

    I've also seen this a couple of times. This will trigger a catch-22 never allowing you to escape unless you skip to the next nomination which kind of seems like waste. I also believe skipping nominations might affect your rating in a negative manner, but who knows.

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