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Now that we have a new criteria, I would talk again about gates that are commonly nominated in my country.

Here's an example, that I were recently reviewed:

This one is just an entrance gate to a neighborhood, and gates like this are commonly nominated in my country, yet those submitters keep telling those are eligible.

If we look at Eligibility Criteria:

A great place for exploration: I won't think it would meet this criteria, especially if the neighborhood didn't have anything special or noticeable, however if a neighborhood has at least a specialty that many people would come to that place (i.e. the neighborhood is known as a place that produces things like Batik clothes or wooden sculpture, or there's a public praying place like mosques, just like this example), then I would agree if it meet this criteria. I would understand if any gate with unique, local architecture (not just being a gate) would meet this criteria either;

A great place for exercise: if the gates are treated like trail markers then I would agree, however many vehicles (mainly cars and motorcycles) are also passing by the gates as it's the only entrance way to the neighborhood;

A great place to be social with others: don't meet criteria either. Why would people gather under the gate and socialize each others?

Any thoughts?


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