How to improve this?

Hello community,

Few days ago I got rejected an upgraded candidature where I was sure it is a super legit one.

It is an old theather that now is used as multiple residence with many families. However the building is accessible to users in total security and at whatever time.

I am really surprised of that.

Because my account is italian I only get the news that it was rejected but I never got info about why...

I think it could be matter of my community where there is a group of users that decided to block whatever candidature they did not do. They do the same with pogo gyms trying to avoid you make coins if you are not in their group or just if they dont like you.

I know that a candidature is evalueted by many users but if it happen they found a candidature of this city they reject when it is not done by them. I am sure about this 100%.

However I just want here you help me to improve this candidature and I am sure that, even if there is their hand behind at one point Niantic will discover and punish them. Here I want only your help to improve 😀😀😀


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