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Honestly I’m getting so fed up right now wasting your precious time nominating places for them to be rejected for ridiculous and malicious reasoning, now that they’ve lowered the reviewing and nominations level it’s getting worst. I could understand if it has merit but when it’s just blatantly ridiculous just makes you upset for the wasted time ,effort and data you put in.

Thank you for nominating Historic Simpsons Bay Cemetary on Nov 12, 2020. Upon review by the Niantic community of players, we regret to inform you that this nomination is ineligible.

This nomination has been rejected due to the following reason(s):

Insufficient evidence that the nomination accurately reflects the submitted real-world location based on comparison of the submitted photo and map views, Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria, Nomination was flagged for offensive content.

Changes to the results of the community review are not possible. If, however, you believe your nomination should be eligible, please review the Help Center Article “What makes a high-quality PokéStop?”, and feel free to revise the title, description, location, and/or photo when you submit a new nomination. Thank you for your hard work, Trainer!

– The Pokémon GO Team

Historic Simpsons Bay Cemetary

The historic Simpsons Bay Cemetary one of the oldest Cemetary in the entire country.

Nomination ID: icvudxjYll6ECCSJy8qwZW6+tRJZl+4b44iIM+159os=


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    Not only is this site listed as a historical site and designated monument for the country but also has numerous prominent figures of historical figures buried there.(which was in the supplemented information) the first couple of times had to resubmit it as it wasn’t being submitted but timed out so I shorted the description. Perhaps that wasn’t enough but I will try single out a specific historical headstone to nominate next time.

    Ive had numerous rejections as well, a few honorable mentions are 3 Universities (2 medical and a general all with clear signage and description yet was rejected as K12, a hand crafted mural in an International airport also been rejected as k12, mind you all of them are clearly displayed on google maps as exactly what they are, 3 churches are private residence, my favorite just a couple days ago an obelisk monument that not only had the countries name and it but numerous very distinctive cultural murals all over it and as clear as daylight rejected as pitch black, lack of any cultural significance. Even though the majority of my noms are approved a good chunk that was rejected had me scratching my head/ borderline frustrated, especially when you are reviewing being fair and seeing some ridiculous nominations that are approved.

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    There’s a distinct difference in helping and snide and snarky remarks that’s not helping anyone. Clearly there’s a flaw in this system.

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    Well, what do you want us to do then still? Because as far as I see, we can not help you with what you want or need.

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    Oh I haven't even started on being condescending towards you but if you want me to start I'm more than happy to oblige.

    Well considering you've titled the submission as a cemetery, which is straight off of the do not submit list, I'd say my advice to you to read the guidlines was well warranted.

    Your submission was rejected as a Location mismatch, Abuse and Doesn't meet criteria, thats quite a variation in the rejection reasons. Whilst rejection reasons may not always be accurate, at least one reviewer has actually marked this as abuse which does make me wonder about the actual quality, or lack there of, in your submission.

    You haven't shared the details of your submission, bar the title, yet you post this in the nomination improvement section. If you just wanted to rant about a rejection then why not post it in the general discussion section ?

    That still wouldn't change the fact that from the very limited information you have supplied, just the title, that your submission is trash, but you would have at least posted it in the correct section.

    What do you want ?

    If you are seeking improvement or advice on your submission it would have been prudent to supply all the submission details from Wayfarer.

    If you just wanted to rant, well done you've got it off your chest, just don't expect people to agree with your point of view if your ranting about a cemetery being correctly rejected.

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    Duplicate post

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    As I’ve stated trice now, they are Exceptions to thé ‘Do not post Cemeteries’ which I’ve explain multiple of times and you’ve even posted it.

    As I said in my reply I’ll redo it but focus on One of the many tombstones, which I initially avoided doing due to the sensitivity rule.

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    Thanks for your insight and wisdom. I’ve read the replies at times from these two with others as well prior to my post and have observed a pattern. As the old saying goes take it with a grain of salt, I’ll resubmit it focus on one of the patriarch’s memorial and focus on this historical aspect of it and shy away from cemetery in the headline as some don’t read through supporting information. Thank you again.

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    The problem is that Niantic makes an exception for individual gravestones that are historically important, but not graveyards that are historically significant. What about inactive cemeteries?

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