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Hi everyone, i report fake nominations approved in my town. (Sorry if its the wrong section, couldn't find the correct one, first time in this forum)

There are four stops that got approved in my town in an area where there is nothing that meets a portal criteria.

The name of the portals/pokestops are : (i just resized the pictures to better view, you can find them on Ingress map easily)

-Laughing Child

-Bird Writer

-Marmotta d'acqua

-Mister Bloby

They are good portals, right? Yes, i have nothing against them, if they were in the correct location and not creating gyms in PoGo that are held by the same trainers.

First of all the coordinates, the portals are all around 45.334743, 9.101047 close together.

Street view for access the area:

As i said before they are located in a pedestrian-only area, so no cars and no street view.

No problem at all, one of the abuser posted this photosphere:

Well, this photosphere is.. FAKE!

The photosphere exists, it has been taken in a different town and then moved to that area to make sure the pokestops were approved.

I have 2 proofs to give you.

First: location of photosphere

The photosphere is located here:

The arrow i drawed shows where the photosphere should be, after all it shows a corner and where its located there are no corners, it is a straight forward street.

Secondly as i said the area where the stops are located is only pedestrian, but from the photosphere you can clearly see cars and a parking area near (strange in a pedestrian area with no street view uh?).

The second proof is the real location of the POIs, yes after some attempts i found it (i was sure they were taken from other cities and not simply from internet).

Coordinates: 45.448400, 9.091341

Street view:

Near this area you can see a duplicate of the photoshere i posted before, clear sign of abuse.

Please, remove this portals from my town as clear abuse of Wayfarer guidelines.

Thank you for you attention


Links (for all checks needed)

Link FALSE Photosphere


Real location of POIs


Street map of POIs


Street map where the POIS are actually (street view from outside pedestrian area)


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