"European town" Street Sign rejected - why?

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I submitted this proposal with the ID CO5JNam12oaHlZA0E0+EiYDvE2z0R7kuw2KgZO+iVCM=, which was rejected today. It is a street sign which identifies the village where it is located as an EU municipality and indicates an existing town twinning. Why should this sign not be accepted?

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    Could you point us to the item in the new Criteria that this would meet?

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    Sure thing: Exploration. The street sign is a kind of historical monument that represents the decades of town twinning between two European municipalities.

    "Object that represents the unique history of a place, its historical past..."

    This is 100% true: Lived European community through exchange programs of sports clubs, traditional costume groups etc., which this street sign reminds us of. We can't really show the whole partner community from Hungary here. In the past, Pokemon and Ingress were made to meet - what could be more meaningful than supranational partnerships?

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    Das ist weniger ein Auszeichnungsschild als ein Infoschild. Außerdem ist das Foto etwas schräg (auch wenn das so da steht). Das würde ich, falls du es nochmal einreicht, ändern^^

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    That's a poor sign to explore. It doesn't tell any story and it looks almost abandoned.

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    No story? It tells all the necessary points: EU community and name of the twin city. Unfortunately, an exact description of the way did not fit on it.

    And abandoned? It's a bit presumptuous to express oneself in such a way about the financial means of a rural community, not exactly fond of industry, which perhaps doesn't want or can't exchange things at the first scratch.

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    Echt, wenn man sowas liebloses einreicht, braucht man bei einer gerechtfertigten Ablehnung nicht noch patzig sein.....

    Es ist ein simples Ortsschild.

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    I'm sorry, but I don't think "twinning" has anything special to it.

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    Name/welcome signs for towns/complexes/etc. are not inherently eligible.

    As far as I can tell, the sign doesn't do anything to educate passersby about the history of town twinning, nor does it do anything to promote itself as a tourist stop or scenic location (such as education signs, big artistic flair, etc.).

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