Invalid POIs in Sommerloch

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Title of the wayspot: List below

Location: Intel links below

City: Sommerloch

Country: Germany

Additional information:

The following POIs are faked or completely misplaced.

On the misplaced ones, I attached a picture with the correct location.

List of all POIs:

1 Radwanderweg der Gemeinde Sommerloch

wrong location,7.761512&z=17&pll=49.877503,7.761512

correct location is on th emap, around 80m northwest

2 Heilige Maria

picture from screen,7.760138&z=17&pll=49.8772,7.760138

3 Gedenkstein für die Opfer der

wrong location,7.758923&z=17&pll=49.877323,7.758923

no picture, in mid of a street. no possible location for a memorial there

4 Wappen

picture from screen,7.76178&z=17&pll=49.875021,7.76178

5 Umweltverhalten in der natur

picture from screen,7.763585&z=17&pll=49.875545,7.763585

6 Wandgemälde

picture from screen,7.762584&z=17&pll=49.875997,7.762584

7 Insektenhotel

picture from screen,7.762701&z=17&pll=49.876326,7.762701

8 Holzfigur 2 Meter

wrong location,7.763045&z=17&pll=49.876284,7.763045

Surroundings are not the same, there are trees instead of houses

9 Spielplatz

wrong location,7.761944&z=17&pll=49.876251,7.761944

You can clearly see the fields in the background, but there are a lot of houses around it

10 Rathaus

wrong location,7.761729&z=17&pll=49.876417,7.761729

Pease move it 15m in the north, the POI is currently on a fire station

11 The cult rabbit

wrong location, PRP,7.768478&z=17&pll=49.868452,7.768478

The correct location is 25m southeast, but it is on PRP

Please remove/edit those POIs. Thank you!

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