The most stupid faker pocketstop

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Title of the Wayspot: 삼국통일순국무명용사비,통일전 등나무 쉼터,경주역사 유적지구.통일전 안내,흥국문,남산정,화랑정

Location: 35.993325,129.194856 its surroundings

City: 2090 Sandae-ri, Angang-eup, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Country: s.korea

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


All of the following pocket stops are faked based on other fakes. Also, the faker fakes the same pocket stops twice, max about 32km between each other.

↓real area

↓fake area

Correct location of this stops,129.2372727,17

Photos to support your claim:

I found that more than eight pocket stops in this area have been submitted and approved in fake locations.

Here is a list of all fake stop,129.194949 삼국통일순국무명용사비 (copied/stolen portal),129.193188 통일전  (copied/stolen portal),129.193964 삼국통일 기념비  (copied/stolen portal),129.194581 화랑전  (copied/stolen portal),129.194646 흥국문 (copied/stolen portal),129.194709 남산정  (copied/stolen portal),129.195539 통일전 안내 (copied/stolen portal),129.195637경주 역사 유적지구 (copied/stolen portal),129.195996 통일전 등나무 쉼터 (copied/stolen portal)

Same picture as a known fake stops

-All on the 통일전

Please remove those faked pocketstop and give the faker a special award for the worst possible fakes!

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