Can you please help me improve this nomination

Hi Everyone,

I'm Nat and I would like to borrow your universal knowledge to improve this proposition 😊. Can you please help me.

This place is a fusion of a classic neighborhood grocery store and a plant seller 🌱.

It has a garden where the plants are displayed and where there are large statues of animals and dinosaurs.

There are also life-size giraffe statues which are located on the property line at the immediate proximity to the road as you can see in the picture.

I would like to ask you which aspect to put forward so that this pokéstop is validated.

I have already made a proposal by highlighting the fact that this place attracts a lot of children but it did not work.


  • DerWelfe2205-PGODerWelfe2205-PGO Posts: 374 ✭✭✭✭

    Take a photo that doesn't have license plates in it and lay the focus on the object itself and it might pass with a good title/description. But even then you are very likely to get a "generic business" rejection. Might have to submit more than once.

  • TorvoTeratos-PGOTorvoTeratos-PGO Posts: 161 ✭✭✭

    I think you have an okay chance if you pick one of the animal statues to focus on, though you will be harmed by the fact that they're behind a fence. Take a picture of it and name and describe the stop nominating the statue itself. If the store is currently open, I would go in so you can get a photo without the fence in between you and the statue.

    Unless the business has received some write ups in local newspapers and such about what it brings to the town or has been in tourist guides, it's likely to be rejected as a generic business. Funky, maybe unfortunately, doesn't equate to being culturally/historically significant.

  • SPD85-PGOSPD85-PGO Posts: 163 ✭✭✭✭

    I don't really know what you're trying to submit based upon the photos. I think submitting the giraffe would be a good idea as those are noticeable and a number near me have been approved.

  • LukeAllStars-INGLukeAllStars-ING Posts: 4,622 Ambassador

    I would also say, that you have to focus on one object. Try to prevent people and licence plates on the picture and (if needed) create a google maps photosphere t oproove its location.

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